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Yoga For Headaches

Everyone suffers from headaches from time to time but the question is how do we deal with it. Yoga can help enormously with this problem and there are several poses you should know if you want to do something about your headache problem. Here is a list of some of the yoga poses that may …

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Yoga For Swimmers

Swimming is an active sport that engages muscles which include hip flexors, chest, shoulders and the quads. Competitive swimmers rely on ‘dry land’ exercises to support their aquatic training. In addition to weight training and athletic workouts, yoga is one of the more commonly used exercises that is beneficial to swimmers. It is common for …

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Yoga For Runners

Running is exhilarating torture. The pumping of your legs, the blood rushing through your ears, your arms pushing to keep you balanced and your heart pounding seemingly a thousand times harder. It’s hard to start, harder to push yourself past your max but the feeling you get when you do, it’s the highest of highs. …

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Yoga For Stress Relief

Stress can be overwhelming at times. While all of us deal with stress at one point or another, some of us more consistently than others, not all of us know how to manage and alleviate it. Most people have had the experience of being overcome with stress and feeling completely helpless about it. Too much stress can wreak havoc …

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Yoga For Periods

The biological function in men’s and women’s bodies are mostly similar. However, what makes them different, is their reproductive function and each gender has different hormones. The hormonal changes and reactions in women work as part of a cycle. They are more evident and every month, they do expect their menstrual periods, if they have …

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Benefits of Yoga for Women

Modern day women often live extremely busy lives. A woman will often seek to find a way to strike a balance in all aspects of their life: throwing effort into being a good partner, in motherhood, friendship and social life, while still striving to achieve their personal and career goals. However, although they do seem …

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Yoga For Grief

Grief is a heavy feeling to carry around. It affects your mental and physical state and can weigh you down. The practice of yoga is known to provide many benefits to people, even those who are grieving. The loss of a relationship, a job, your identity, or a loved one may be a hard one …

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Yoga For Fibromyalgia

Anyone who has fibromyalgia knows too well how debilitating its symptoms are. What’s worse is that they often hide as something else, making the diagnosis of this disease a long and painful process. All this usually leaves one both emotionally and physically fatigued. There is an extensive collection of drugs that help reduce chronic pains, …

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